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Carmarthen Deli & Albert Rees Butchers

Carmarthen Deli & Albert Rees Butchers

Carmarthen Deli is the home of Albert Rees Butchers and Carmarthen Ham (PGI)

Visit our family business in Carmarthen Market for delicious Carmarthen Ham, meat, and deli products.

The production of Carmarthen air dried, salt-cured Ham is dependent upon skill and experience which all started with Albert Rees, a market butcher in the 1970s and has since been passed down through the generations in the Rees family. Tradition and expertise are at the core of Carmarthen Ham and this translates to the incredible taste, which is delicate and mellow with salty overtones, providing a balanced sensation between tenderness and a tendency to melt in the mouth.

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